The Top 5 Habits of Bad Salespeople

bad salesperson
You walk into a store to buy a certain product. All you have to do is find it, take it to the sales counter, and pay for the thing. You already know that the store has plenty of them in stock and at a good price, but you end up storming out of the place without it. What went wrong?

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A Sparrow Never Forgets

angry sparrow

Back in the days when I stood shorter than my mother, the boy who lived next door to me trapped a sparrow in his dad’s garage. He didn’t hurt it. He just wanted to see it fly around for a while. After about ten or so minutes of watching it flutter hither and yon, he raised the garage door and let it . . .

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The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Pooches

A highly effective pooch

What is it about our canine companions that makes them so darn lovable? It’s not like they help with the housework, do the shopping, or pay their share of the bills. And when they’re not dropping twirlies for us to step in, staining the lawns yellow, or scaring the flapjacks out of hapless mailmen, they’re just . . .

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Would You Like a Cherry With That?

Would you like a cherry with that?

Coffee and cherries? It’s not the typical combination that springs to mind when you think of the hallowed bean, like coffee and cream, coffee and sugar, or even coffee and donuts. But coffee and cherries have a surprising and intrinsic connection. As a matter of fact, without cherries there would be no . . .

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