How much do you charge for your services?

Ten cents per word.

I can buy content for two cents per word. How come you charge so much?

Most people who write content at subatomic prices live in the Third World and haven’t yet mastered all of the English language’s grammatical twists and turns. I write better than they do. Much better. Better costs more.

I don’t want humorous or offbeat web content. I want serious content. Can you write serious content?

Yes. I can write serious content that is seriously entertaining.

The sample articles on your blog don’t seem to be selling anything and aren’t keyword rich. Are you able to write articles that are more attractive to search engines by placing keywords in them?

Absolutely. The sample articles are posted simply to show that I can write and because I love writing them. Whatever keywords you want me to put in an article, those are the keywords I will use to build your property investment portfolio and gain muscle tone fast.

How do I get you to write an article for me?

Just email me your requirements through this contact form, or we can discuss them on Skype.

Since you live in Australia, why don’t you use Australian spelling and punctuation?

I use American spelling and punctuation because most of my clients live in the United States. But if you want something written for an Australian website, Australian spelling and punctuation is what you will get.

How soon can I have the article?

One to two days. Once I’ve written an article, I like to put it aside for a while and then come back to it. This enables me to look at it afresh and improve it. My aim is to give you the best article I can write, not an article I can write in the best time. But if you need it the same day, I can deliver it the same day, and it will still be pretty darn good.

How do I pay for the article?

Just click on the PayPal logo in the right-hand column. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, and you don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment. I require 50 percent of the fee before I start writing the content, and the remaining 50 percent on completion. I don’t ask for the final payment until you’ve read the finished work and are happy with it.

You can read more about my terms and conditions here.

Do you ghost write short stories and novels?

Yes. My pay rate for this is the same as that for my articles.