Why You Should Buy Your Web Content From Me

Well, I suppose I could tell you I’m a nice guy who needs the money, but that probably wouldn’t work. So I’ll make my case by way of some writing comparisons.

Here is a typical example of budget-priced content written by somebody whose grasp of the Queen’s English is as firm as an election promise to lower taxes.

Every one needs cookware in their kitchen as per their cooking styles. Therefore it is very important to know different types of cookware and their usage patterns. Different types cookware include pots, pans, frying pans, grills, casserole dishes, etc which serve various purposes. Selection from such a varied range of cookware available can be a complicated affair. The shape of the cooking surface and handle(s), materials used, utensil’s design, and its flexibility of use in the kitchen all are important factors in choosing cookware. Understanding the materials used in cookware is a good first step in understanding how cookware works and what factors may be important to one’s cooking style.

As you’ve probably guessed, the keyword in the above excerpt is cookware. The eager-beaver content scribe manages to shoehorn it into his killer prose seven times, and that’s just in the first paragraph.

Turning Bad Content into Good Content

How would yours truly have composed this paean to pots and pans and spatulas? Like so.

Cookware, it’s a word that strikes boredom in the hearts of people who would rather trim their toenails with an angle grinder than venture near a stove or an oven. But unless you’re Carlos Slim or still living with your mother, sooner or later you’re going to have to do the cooking thing. And you’re going to need the right tools for the job. What cookware you should buy and how much you should spend on it depends on whether the Waldorf Astoria or Sal’s Diner is your culinary muse.

Mine’s a bit shorter but a better read. The original overstays its welcome so its author will have more text in which to stuff his ubiquitous keyword. You have to give him credit for achieving what he set out to do. His text is well and truly stuffed.

Making Good Content Even Better

Okay, so I can write better content than a bad content writer. That’s no big deal. But can I write better content than a good content writer?

Here is an excerpt from an article by such a writer.

Friday is the best day of the week to approach employers for work, since people are looking forward to having the weekend off and are usually in a better mood, which should make them more receptive to you. First thing Monday morning is not the optimal time to approach companies, for obvious reasons. Leave it until Friday to do your cold calling. The only time you should make an exception to this is when you know that Friday is an especially busy day for a company. In which case, choose another, less hectic day–as long as it’s not Monday.

There’s not a lot wrong with that piece of writing. It’s grammatically sound and to the point. Can I improve on it? Let’s see.

Friday is like finding a lost Da Vinci and learning that your worst enemy has got a job delivering pizzas in Mogadishu. It puts people in a good mood, unless they have to work Saturday. That’s why Friday is the best day to cold call a company for work. Steer clear of Mondays. They bring out the Abdullah the Butcher in people. You want a friendly reception, not a belly-to-belly suplex and a scimitar waved in your face. If Friday is a busy day for the company, rock up on Thursday instead. Just don’t go there Monday. Monday bites.

Both writing samples convey the same basic information, but there’s an important difference between them, and that is how they convey it. The original sample, though competently written, is just a series of facts strung blandly together. You would hardly call it memorable. Mine, however, makes for a more enjoyable read. It informs but it also entertains.

Entertaining Content = More Web Traffic

Why is it important for web content to entertain visitors to your website? For the same reason it’s important for them to be entertained by a movie they watch in a cinema. They’ll tell others about it.

Positive word of mouth draws traffic to a website in the same way it puts bums on cinema seats. When people read an online article that makes them laugh or fascinates them, they become self-appointed publicists for it, proclaiming the joy of its text in anything from blog and forum posts to emails and social media. The benefits of this to the website where they read the article are more backlinks, more web traffic, and more business.

Most web content is typically too dull to generate this vital word of mouth. Once read, it’s instantly forgotten, if not sooner.

I believe that web content doesn’t have to be boring, that it can have the right mix of keywords and product details and still be amusing and interesting enough to captivate visitors to your website.

But what if you need more serious content?

Not a problem. I can write content for you that is both serious and seriously compelling, content your clients will be glad they read.

If you’re in the market for sixty cut-rate articles on property investment or miracle weight loss supplements, then my writing service isn’t for you. But if you need some original stand-out articles that will turn your prospective clients into actual clients, then I am your content bloke.